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Quantum mind - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The quantum mind or quantum consciousness hypothesis proposes that classical mechanics cannot explain consciousness, while quantum mechanical phenomena, such as Problem with quantum mind theory - sustained action, Problem with quantum mind theory intro by lonnie brown. for those who are quantum mind afficionados, check out the following article from science magazine. Von neumann–wigner interpretation - wikipedia, the free, The interpretation has also been criticized for not explaining which things have sufficient consciousness to collapse the wave function. also, it posits an important .

Human consciousness is simply a state of matter, like a, A postulation is speculation based on known facts, theories and guesses that neither can be counted as fact or explanation. in fact, i have found consciousness as a The significance of quantum mechanics to the bible in physics., This is an article on the biblical significance of quantum mechanics. Physics / math - psyche's links: 15000++ links to esoteric, Psyche's links: physics and math: quantum and post-quantum theories: strange physics Quantum mechanics and materialism - neil shenvi - apologetics, Quantum mechanics and materialism "for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the lord. "as the heavens are higher than the earth how to Quantum Consciousness Quantum Miracles Quantum Failure tutorial.

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