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Iodine - dr. don miller - weeksmd, Iodine – dr. don miller. posted on december 17, extrathyroidal benefits of iodine. journal of american physicians and surgeons vol. 11, no. 3; winter 2006. Whitepaper on extrathyroidal benefits of iodine, Most physicians and surgeons view iodine from the narrow perspective of its use as an antiseptic that disinfects drinking water and prevents surgical wound infections Extrathyroidal benefits of iodine. - biomedsearch, Extrathyroidal benefits of iodine. other functions of inorganic iodine extrathyroidal iodine also has other functions, donald miller, .

You can't live without it - lewrockwell, Ignore or discount studies that show iodine in larger amounts provides extrathyroidal benefits, miller dw. iodine in health and donald miller (send him Iodine talk -, Nonradioactive iodine that confers extrathyroidal benefits. iodine plays other roles in an organic form and iodine talk author: donald miller created date: 8 how to Extrathyroidal Benefits Of Iodine Donaldmillercom tutorial.

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