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Delta virtual airlines boeing 747-400 aircraft operations manual first edition january 28, 2009.

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The ge90 - an introduction

1 the ge90 - an introduction ge-90 turbofan engine (cut-away view) built by general electric in conjunction with snecma of france, ihi of japan and.

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Summary for Boeing 747 400 Rolls Royce And General Electric Engines Only

Boeing 747-400, More than 30 years ago, the 747 made its first trip from new york to london. since then, it's become the standard by which other large passenger jets are judged. its Why a boeing 747-8 costs $357 million - the boeing company, The first 747-100 from boeing co. (nyse: ba) was put into service in 1970, and those first planes sold at a list price of $24 million. adjusting for inflation, that Boeing 747 family | boeing 747, The boeing 747 is a widebody commercial airliner, often referred to by the nickname "jumbo jet". it is among the world's most recognizable aircraft,and was the first .

Boeing: 787 dreamliner, The dreamliner effect. airline executives discuss the dreamliner's effect on their business. learn more The history of general electric aircraft engines, Ge aviation, a subsidiary of general electric, is headquartered in evendale, ohio (a cincinnati suburb). ge aviation is the top supplier of aircraft engines in the how to Boeing 747 400 Rolls Royce And General Electric Engines Only tutorial.

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